Sunday, February 20, 2011

100 mississippi

A funny thing happened when I became a father back in 2008: I began to find myself constantly counting. It started with my son's bedtime. Each night when I thought he had finally nodded out, I would count to 100 mississippi for insurance, just to make sure it was safe to start my tiptoed retreat out his bedroom door. Being a neurotic individual, I somehow convinced myself that anything short of 100 mississippi would wake him up and prolong our bedtime routine.

Eventually, I started to become curious about how I could measure other things in my life by counting to 100 mississippi. How far could I walk? How many steps could I climb? How much snow could I displace using my landlord's snowblower?

This video was made in the midst of one of our many large snowstorms this winter. This is the first film of a series, it will be paired with photographs and diagrams. Here are some of the photographs made that day. They somehow got majorly screwed up but I kind of like the result.