Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Portuguese Honeymoon

Robin and I just returned from our honeymoon in Portugal where we saw a ton of amazing things. One thing that we weren't expecting was the amazing exchange rate there. If you can believe it, for 25 Euros you can buy soup, cheese, fish, dessert, coffee and for the love of god, a bear. A Bear!
Another amazing thing about Portugal was how blue the sky was everyday, never a cloud. About half way into our travels, we stopped in at an old church that was built from the bones of dead monks. I don't know what kind of bad karma you get for defacing monk skulls but my guess is that it's pretty bad. Call me a traditionalist, but I prefer your run of the mill street graffiti: We spent the majority of our time relaxing both at the beach
and at the pool.
We ate a lot of amazing meals as well, sometimes in restaurants adorned with very extravagant decor:

Robin and I also enjoyed taking long walks each day, one of which led us straight to the "Pipe of Love" All in all, an amazing trip. And remember. . . when in Europe, photograph as the Europeans do:


Anonymous said...

looks like you fellas had an ace time a la europa!!

congratulations to you both on your wedding :-))

Jim Green and Nat

The Artist Extraordinaire said...

Congratulations you two!!! AAAWWWW

I hope you went ahead on picked the bear. was it for eating or what?

Your eye never goes away, the photos are great!