Sunday, May 13, 2007

Homage to Michael Spano

I discovered Michael Spano's work a few years back and really fell in love with it. His use of special multi-frame camera's allowed him to tell a complex narrative on a single sheet of film. I was in grad school at the time and was trying really hard (and often unsuccessfully) to figure out how to create a successful grid/storyboard. I bought his book Time Frames and still enjoy looking through it every now and again.

As "The Garbage Can Project" has begun to evolve, I have had to think about Michael's work once again. We currently have five garbage cans outside of my apartment and my camera can only fit two of them on screen. In order to film (almost) all the cans, I've had to resort to some nerdy technical creations. The other day I set up a second camera out of our other front window and figured out a way to get them both to record onto the same VHS tape using a split screen technique. The effect creates a panorama of sorts and allows me to film four garbage cans at the same time. "The Garbage Can Project" will be launched on the web by June 1st (fingers crossed). After talking about this project for over a year, it will be a big sigh of relief to officially present it to the world in it's proper format. Here is a clip from yesterday featuring my new, Michael Spano-style double image recording. Enjoy:

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