Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ode To Alec Soth

Alec and I became friends a number of years ago and have hung out in Chicago, Minneapolis, Miami and spots in between. It's not often that you find someone who is both extremely successful in their field and also incredibly sweet and down to Earth. I've really enjoyed our friendship and over the years and I have made him a few keepsakes along the way. The first was a baseball card that I created for him a few years back when he came to give a lecture at Columbia College. He had told me that he was jealous of the baseball cards that I had created in my piece "The Quitter" and he wrote to tell me that he wanted a baseball card dedicated to himself as well. Ask and ye shall receive, I granted Alec his wish:

Well last night I headed out to my favorite German bar with the family to indulge in some beer and wurst. Resi's Bierstube is the best beer garden in Chicago and I had recently met Alec there for drinks along with Brian Ulrich and Matt Siber. So I got to thinking about Alec and turned to my wife and said, "I wonder how old Sothdog Millionaire is doing?" Robin was like, "did you just make up that name for him?" and I was like, "Yeah." After dinner with my stomach full of beer and beef, I sat down to create the following poster, my newest ode to Mr. Alec Soth:


alec said...

It is good to know someone loves me. Cause I sure have some haters over here:

Y'rs forever,


alec said...

"You want to fudge with me, you are fudgin with the best!"