Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Website Draft and a Shout Out to Robert Linkiewicz

This post is two things:
1) a "What's UP!" to my man Robert Linkiewicz in the Columbia College 10th floor darkroom
2) a preview of the new version of my website that I've been working on the past two weeks (shout out to my man Ian Whitmore)

Last week I called up Robert asking for lighting advice for my classrooms at Keene State. The two of us go way back and he was always one of my favorite people at Columbia. Robert's a huge music buff (as am I) and we have spent hours upon hours talking about music, parenthood, movies and generally just laughing. When I called him last week, he scolded me for not updating my blog often enough (fair enough). So Robert, this one goes out to you!

Now, as I mentioned above I have been busy the past two weeks completely re-working my website. I like the old template but upcoming projects have made it so that I needed a re-design (plus it was time).

A Beta version of my new site can be viewed here:

I would appreciate any and all feedback before this goes live, I'm still making some minor tweeks and could use the feedback.

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ztdavis said...

The site looks awesome to me. As does your work!