Wednesday, August 24, 2005

People You Ought To Know

Yeah, this is me and my good friend Brian Ulrich tonight on our way to do a photo shoot. Brian is a great photographer and has an upcoming show at The Art Institute of Chicago (Brian is one of my friends who I know will without a doubt make a name for himself). The Art Institute needs a publicity headshot of Brian for their upcoming catalog and so he asked me if I would photograph him at the Best Buy on North Avenue. We photographed for awhile and it was a good time (no hassles from the employees). After shooting our headshots, Brian and I headed out for a burger and a beer and some good conversation. These are two very romantic shots of us illuminated by a neon sign in the window of the bar . . . it was great to catch up.

1 comment:

Jim Green said...

dudes! when is his showing going to be on, will it coincide with my visit at the end of september?