Thursday, August 25, 2005


Tonight when Robin got home from work, there was a car blocking her out of our driveway. She honked and waved and cursed and eventually they moved out of her way (but not before she caught a glimpse of their license plate). When Robin told me about "Sex E One," I immediately grabbed my camera and ran outside to grab a snap. Being the smooth guy that I am, I started off by pretending to photograph other things such as a bicycle, my doorway etc. When I finally felt ready, I pounced and landed the shot that you see here. If it looks a little blurry, that's because my "smooth guy act"ended up freaking out the driver who began to drive away as soon as I started setting up for my shot. Anyhow, five minutes passed when suddenly there was a knock at our front door. It was the woman from the car and she wanted to know why I had photographed her daughter's license plate. I told her I that I had photographed it because it is hilarious, at which point she breathed a sigh of relief (she thought that I was going to send the photo to the police because they had parked in front of our driveway).


Brian said...

More photography paranoia. Why would a photo of the license plate make a difference if reporting the plate?

Jim Green said...

nice, its even funnier that your explanation was it was hilarious! did she look confused?