Thursday, September 20, 2007

NYUKI (Sleep Conversation, 9/17/07)

My wife has this incredibly evil habit of talking to me when I'm asleep to see if she can get me to enter into a nonsensical conversation with her. When it works, she writes it down. Here is our conversation from last night:

Robin: I love you
Me: I love your mom
Robin: You love my mom?
Me: Yeah
Robin: What about me?
Me: You're ok too
Robin: What's so great about my mom?
Me: Nyuki
Robin: What's Nyuki?
Me: It's what's so great about your mom
Robin: What is Nyuki?
Me: New and delicious human snacks


Anonymous said...

My girlfriend tries to the pull the same damn thing, except I'm still half awake yet, not fallen totally asleep, and don't even realize that I'm not making sense. Would make a great artist book!

jonathan Gitelson said...

Thanks Chad, glad you can relate.
have a artists book kicking around in my head that will deal w/ these issues, it's called "Bedtime Stories."
Coming soon (or at least before the next millenium)

Brad Troemel said...

that ruled