Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Tube Guest Curator #4: Chase Browder

Today's segment is from my friend Chase who is a great photographer and an even greater Texan. Chase writes: "This is a Segment from Texas Country Reporter, a TV show exploring Texas since the 70s. This clip is about a restaurant that serves chicken fried bacon. CFB is an appetizer at this restaurant where you order steaks by the pound not the ounce. My favorite part is when the owner talks about tasting CFB for the first time and says 'that's pretty good, just needs a little cream gravy,'"

*Viewer be warned, I think I had three coronaries in the course of watching this video.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Now there is something I have yet to see in Texas. That's even worse than Czech's deep fried cheese with tartar sauce.

Tom Ames said...

When I lived in Texas I came up with what I thought was the perfect example of Country Cooking ala Threadgill's: take a stick of pure Hill Country Creamery Butter, batter and deep fry, and serve with ranch dressing and jalepenos, with a Shiner Bock on the side.